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Alleycats are street bicycle racing events organized by local fixed-geared riders. The track bicycle consist of a single fixed gear wheel with no brakes traditionally used in controlled environments called velodromes but a subculture emerged when bike messengers proliferated during the 80's. The track bicycle became a cost-effective mean of transportation for deliveries around major American cities.

A bunch of nobos created a movement that was later taken into the mainstream by movies such as Quicksilver (1986) and Premium Rush (2012). But it was really Line of Sight (2012) that brought the rawness of the culture forward with the immersive footage that Lucas Brunelle capture in this documentary.

The hectic density of metropolis around the world are now the playground for many cyclist. This is a fast and eclectic bunch of people but they are also the ultimate form of freedom and expression within the city. On two wheels they claim the urban landscape as long as there is air in their lungs.


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