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I'm Pedro Munarriz, the term MUNA is just a short version of my surname, some people call me 'Pete' or 'Peter' if they don't know Spanish very well, all that is fine by me.

I studied and taught at Miami-Dade College, Studied in Genoa, Italy in 2015 and got my MArch degree at Florida International University in 2017. I started freelancing at small workshop producing 3D models and shop drawings for furniture submittals; while also producing renderings for small offices at an extremely low rate. 

I needed to grow into the profession and leave behind the hustle of a freelancer, at that moment I got a job opportunity at FZ Architecture as a do-it-all person. From schematics to project management to drafting and rendering I had to do it all in a small office of three. I was teaching AutoCAD at MDC since the campus was about five blocks away from the office, I was able to balance the two jobs efficiently. After two years of residential architecture and interior design, I needed to expand my vision and got a position in the Arquitectonica GEO design team. Landscape architecture sparked my interest in public projects, in those spaces used by every one, by the community I have the tendency to play things by ear, I have the feeling my projection is towards that direction.

For now, my NCARB hours are completed and I'm looking to get licensed in Florida as an Architect.



2017 | AIAS Soth Quad tour guide of historic art deco buildings in downtown Miami.

2018 | Scripting Architecture - a phython/grasshopper workshop taught at FIU.

2018 | Photoshop rendering and composition - worshop taught in makerspaces and Miami-Dade College.


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